achilles tendon disorders

The Achilles’ tendon is the large tendon that can be felt at the back of the lower part of your calf. It can cause problems in a few different ways.


If you have been diagnosed with an Achilles’ tendon rupture, treatment decisions need to be made relatively early (see here for more information).


You may have pain and swelling in the tendon. This can either be at the bottom of the tendon at the point where it attaches to the heel bone (called insertional tendinopathy) or a few centimetres above this point (non-insertional tendinopathy).


Physiotherapy is the mainstay of treatment for these conditions. The physiotherapy exercises can make the tendon feel sore but it is important to persevere with these as they will resolve the problem in most cases.


For the small percentage of people who aren’t helped with physiotherapy, other treatments may be used and this could include surgery. Scans (such as ultrasound or MRI scans) would usually be required prior to embarking on surgical treatment in order to establish the extent of damage to the tendon.



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