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A bunionette (or tailor’s bunion) is a prominence over the side of the joint of your little toe. In other words, it is on the opposite side of your foot to a bunion. It may cause problems with rubbing on footwear.


Footwear with wider fitting around the area may well be all the treatment that is needed. In some cases surgery may be an option and this involves cutting the bone in order to move the joint back into position.


Surgery is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic (with you asleep) and in most cases you will go home the same day. You will be able to walk straight away and will be given a stiff soled sandal to wear over the bandages. You will be encouraged to rest as much as possible for the first two weeks in order to allow the wound to heal before the stitches are removed. You will be able to start using your own shoes at around six weeks post surgery. Swelling is common and can last for a few months in some cases.



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