Face to face appointments are held in the John Charnley Wing in Wrightington Hospital.


In most instances a referral letter from your GP or other healthcare professional (such as a physiotherapist) will be required for me to be able to see you in clinic.


We will discuss the nature of the problem and perform an examination in order to come up with a diagnosis and a plan of treatment.


Depending on the reason for referral, you may require additional tests on the day (such as x-rays). Sometimes further, more advanced imaging is needed (CT, MRI or Ultrasound scans). These tests will only be recommended if I feel that they will add to the diagnosis and management of your condition. These additional tests will be performed on a separate day and will normally require authorisation from your insurance company (for those insured).


Treatment options will be discussed in a step-wise manner with surgery usually only reserved for cases when the other treatments haven’t resolved the issue.



John Charnley Wing 

Wrightington Hospital,

Hall Lane,

Appley Bridge,




Clinic Times

Monday 1pm-5pm