For some conditions an injection of steroid may be recommended. This may be to help diagnose which joint is the one causing the trouble or it may be used as a treatment (or combination of both).


Given that the joints of the foot and ankle are both small and close together, we would always recommend that these injections are carried out under image guidance. This means that we use either an x-ray or ultrasound machine to ensure that then correct joint is being injected.


They will be done with you awake so you do not require any fasting period beforehand.


The needles used are the same size (or smaller) than those used for taking blood tests.


After the injection you should rest for the remainder of the day but should be back to normal activities by the next day.


It can take several days for the benefit of the injection to be felt and the period of time that the injection lasts for can vary. Occasionally some people do not gain any benefit (or only short lived benefit) from an injection.


Complications are uncommon but can include bleeding, infection and in some cases a small dimple or patch of pale (depigmented) skin may be seen at the site of the injection.



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