lumps & bumps

You may have noticed a discrete lump on your foot. There are many possible causes for this and can range from hard bony swellings, related to arthritic change in an underlying joint, to soft tissue lumps.


Soft tissue swellings may vary in size from day to day, they can sometimes seem to disappear altogether. Commonly these can be ganglions, fluid filled cysts most often seen on the top of the foot or back of the wrist.


Other causes of soft tissue swelling include lipomas (non sinister collections of fat) and swelling associated with tendon inflammation (most common at the back of the heel in relation to the Achilles’ tendon).


Some people develop firm nodules on the sole of their foot. These may be due to a condition called plantar fibromatosis.


If the lumps are troublesome it is usually due to rubbing against footwear. Surgery could be considered if no alternative in terms of shoes are acceptable.


You may be more concerned about the nature of the lump and it is not uncommon for people to seek reassurance that the swelling is nothing to worry about. On occasion, further tests (such as ultrasound scans) may be required to confirm a diagnosis.




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